Furniture finishing is done by hand in our Brooklyn workshop. Natural ingredients are used to enhance the real beauty of the wood. Clear color and soft finish with a sheen, not a shine, is our mantra. This natural finish gives a look that other manufacturers will not take the time and effort to do. Spraying with nitrocellulose lacquer is the standard in the industry.

We first use water stain, which penetrates better than other stains but requires more care as it raises the grain. It also does not leave a cloudy look as other stains do. Next comes shellac, as a sealer to set the stain and fill in the pores slightly. Finally, tung oil is brushed and wiped on over several days for a natural look and a protective finish.

Please note that cerused and dark cerused finishes are available for teak pieces only. Custom finishes are available on request.

Please inquire about our wood samples for the most accurate color representation.

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